Shark Cage Diving Safety Information

How safe is shark cage diving really?

Shark cage diving is an extreme sport which can sound quite scary. After all, there's only a cage separating you from these scary great white sharks. So how safe is Shark Cage Diving really? The short answer is that shark cage diving is extremely safe. We use the best shark cage diving gear and have highly qualified experts who will instruct and guide you throughout the entire trip. Our crew are all trained to handle any emergency situation.

Shark Cage Diving Safety Precautions

  • All trips are strictly weather permitting
  • Before your trip we'll give you a an introduction safety briefing about what you should and should not do during your shark cage diving tip to prevent accidents.
  • You will not be allowed to try and touch, scare or feed the sharks in any way.
  • Everyone on the trip are required to where comfortable inflatable life-jackets while the boat is moving.
  • You will have to move slowly into the cage, no jumping is allowed.
  • We carry all emergency equipment such as medical aid kits, life jackets, oxygen, fire extinguishers etc.
  • We abide by all safety regulations set forward by the South African Maritime Safety Authority, and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

The shark diving cage & boat

  • The shark diving cage is exceptionally strong. The cage is professionally engineered and made from galvanized steel and covered with security mesh.
  • The cage is covered at the top and built to withstand all kinds of impact.
  • The cage is spacious with support bars for your hands and feet to provide you with a firm grip and so that you can safely take pictures of the sharks.
  • There is no sharp edges to the cage so neither you or the shark can be injured by the cage. The cage is firmly attached to the boat divers can get out of the cage when they want to.
  • Our boats and safety equipment are checked by SAMSA regularly and checked by our crew daily.

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