Shark Cage Diving FAQ

Here we answer all your frequently asked questions regarding your shark cage diving trip. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

About the Shark Diving Trip

Where does the Shark Diving tour take place? The Boat is launched from Kleinbaai harbour in Gansbaai – about 160 km from Cape Town (just over a 2 hour drive) Do you offer transport to and from the Shark Dive? What is the Cost? Yes, we can pick you up in Cape Town and drop you off with our shuttle service. Cost is R350pp, Return journey. When & How do I pay? What is included? You pay on the day of the trip. Cash or Credit cards accepted. Should you wish to prepay, we accept bank transfers. Included: Shark Dive + gear, breakfast on arrival, then snacks, soft drinks and water on the boat. A light lunch is served on return at the harbour. What is the distance from Cape Town/How long is the drive to Gansbaai? 160 km from Cape Town, approximately 2 hours What time do we start and when will we return? Times differ, depending on the tides, and the weather. We try and go out as early as possible as the sharks are more active early in the morning. 7am is the time we usually try to meet for the dive briefing and breakfast. We will be in touch with you to confirm exact times when you have booked. I don't want to go into the cage - will I still see the sharks? Yes. Viewing the Great White sharks from the deck of the boat is just as good as viewing from inside cage – viewing from the deck is in fact part of the whole experience, also for those that go into the cage. Do I get a discount for no going into the cage? No, you pay for a place on the boat, so there is only one price. Do I get a refund if I do not see any sharks? A new shark diving trip is offered free of charge with transport from Cape Town, should you (in the unlikely event) not see any sharks. We do not, however, offer refunds. How long do you spend in the cage? About 20 to 30 minutes. How big is the cage & how many people can it take? The cage is 5 meter long and can take up to 8 divers at a time. What is the temperature of the water? It various from season to season, but normally 15-20 degrees Celsius (59-68 degrees Fahrenheit.) You will be wearing a wetsuit, so you will be warm enough while in the cage. How deep is the cage in the water? The cage is attached to the boat at all times, with a minimum of 60 centimetres above the water. The rest of the cage is submerged under water (about 2 metres deep.) How long is the boat ride from shore? The boat takes you out to Dyer Island and Geyser rock, about 10 kilometres from the harbour. The boat ride is about 20 minutes. How long is the entire shark diving trip? The duration of each trip depends on the weather and sea conditions, how easy it is to spot the sharks in action on any particular day, and the nature of group of clients – it various a bit from day to day, but generally the trip is 3-4 hours. What else can we see at Dyer Island? There are up to 60,000 cape fur seals, birdlife, penguins and whales from May to November. Sometimes you can also see large groups of Common Dolphins. Do you shoot a video on the trip? Yes, we have a permanent, professional, videographer on the boat that will produce a stunning video for you to buy after the trip should you wish. Current price of the DVD is R250 How many people can you take on a single trip? We can take up to 32 passengers. Do you feed the sharks? No, but we do chum the water. Chum is a combination of minced tuna and sardines with fish oil, mixed with seawater. The chum is thrown into the sea to create a chum slick. The chum slick represents a carcass of a dead tuna and the sharks enter a scavenging mode. Is breakfast and lunch included? Yes, you get breakfast on arrival, then snacks, soft drinks and water on the boat. A light lunch is server on return at the harbour. Do you have meal options for vegetarians? Yes, of course – please do contact us in advance for any special requests. Can I charter the boat for a private event? Yes, we can offer corporate and private charters, starting at R27500 per day. Can I buy underwater cameras? Yes, disposable underwater cameras can be bought at the crew house or on the boat. Is all shark diving gear included? Yes, all needed equipment is included. Should you wish to bring your own gear you are welcome to do so. Do you offer accommodation? We can put together an accommodation & Shark diving package for you, or we can recommend some guesthouses close by if you want to book yourself. What happens in case of an emergency? In the unlikely event of an emergency we have fully qualified and experienced first aid staff onboard the boat and on land. We are in permanent contact with land via cellphone and radio. Emergency procedures are always up to date and all the necessary equipment like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, life jackets and life rafts is available on board. Are your shark diving boats safe? Yes, our boats are all inspected by the SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) and conform to their standards. Regular maintenance is performed on the vessels 1-2 times per month. Are your shark diving cages safe? Yes, the cages have all passed the specifications set by MCM (Marine and Coastal Management). Is shark cage diving a safe activity? Yes – shark diving is one of the safest recreational activities available, for both adults and children. The South African cage-diving industry is regulated by a Code of Conduct and regulations from MCM (Marine and Coastal Management) and DEAT (Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism). Do sharks attack the cage? No, the sharks do not attack the cage and they are not interested in the people in the cage. Do you have public liability should anything happen? Yes, all relevant insurance is in place. As a prudent traveller you should also make sure you have relevant travel insurance. What staff is part of the shark diving team? The team is made up of: Medics, Skippers, Registered guides, Dive Masters, PDP bus drivers.

Shark Viewing & Seasonal Information

When is the best time to go Shark Diving? The best time to go shark diving is April to September. The water is warmer during the winter and it's also the time when the sharks hunt for seals. Even though this is the best time to go Shark Diving, you can see them all year round, and you can shark dive any time of the year. Will I be able to see a great white shark? We can't guarantee it, however, it is very rare to go shark diving without seeing the great white. How many sharks will I be able to see during my shark diving trip? During the peak season (April to September), you can see as much as 20 sharks at a time. The rest of the year are low season however shark diving still continues and you will still be able to see sharks during your trip. How long will I have to wait for sharks to appear? Every day is different, and we will do our best to ensure that you get a quality shark diving experience. The average waiting time can be anything between 10 - 60 minutes. Are children allowed to participate in the trip? It is important for children to learn about sharks in their natural environment and the conservation of sharks. We welcome all children 7 years and older. Is Shark Cage diving safe? Yes, shark cage diving is very safe. We have highly qualified experts and use the best shark diving gear. View our Safety Information page to read more about our cages and safety precautions.

What to bring and What's included...

What is included with my Shark Diving trip? All the equipment you'll need is included. Breakfast and lunch is included as well as soft drinks & water during your trip. You can view the Itinerary page for more details about your shark diving trip, or view the rates page if you would like transport and/or accommodation included. What must I bring with me on the trip? It is recommended that you bring polaroid sunglasses, sunblock, a warm jacket, a hat, and sea sickness tablets if you are prone to getting seasick Do I have to bring my own camera? Yes you can, however we do have underwater cameras for sale.

Cost & Payment

How do I book? Please visit the booking page, and make your booking online. How much does Shark Cage Diving cost? We have different rates for children and adults. Please visit our rates page for more information regarding costs. When do I pay? You pay on arrival the day of your shark diving trip.

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