Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Experience the ultimate adventure of Great White Shark Cage Diving, Cape Town, South Africa

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Go Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town and experience the great white sharks within their natural habitat.

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town tours are both Entertaining, and Educational. Dyer Island, about 8km offshore from Gansbaai (and about 2 hours away from Cape Town), is one of the world's most densest known populations for Great White Sharks, and is where almost all of the shark research is done.

With Shark Diving South Africa, you'll have the opportunity to get face-to-face with the great white sharks. We welcome all tourists visiting Cape Town who are up for adventure and who would like to learn more about one of the ocean's largest predators.

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town - Bookings & Rates

Adults: R1050pp Children (under 12): R900 Children must be 12 years old to Shark Dive. All children under 12 are welcome to join on the boat. Adults who do not want to shark dive are also more than welcome to join on the boat but will pay full price. There is a magnificent view from the boat and the sight seeing is pretty much part of the entire experience. shark-cage-diving-cape-town-book-now

Accommodation & Transport:

To make your Shark Diving trip more convenient, we offer transport for an extra R350pp from Cape Town to Gansbaai. Also view our large range of accommodation options in both Gansbaai and Cape Town.

Shark Cage Diving Safety Information:

Even though shark cage diving can sound quite scary to some, it is actually extremely safe. We not only use some of the best Shark Diving gear, but we have highly qualified experts who are there to guide you throughout the entire trip. We are trained to handle any emergency situation and carry all emergency equipment such as life jackets, medical aid kits, fire extinguishers, oxygen etc. We abide by all safety regulations set forward by the South African Maritime Safety Authority, and the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. Our boats and safety equipment are checked by SAMSA regularly and checked by our crew daily.

Shark Diving Cage & Boat:

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town Boat
Our Shark diving cage is extremely strong and built to withstand all kinds of impact. The cage is firmly attached to the boat, so divers can get out of the cage when they want to. The cage is spacious and has no sharp edges, so neither you or the sharks can be injured by the cage. The cage has support bars for your hands and feet, so you can have a firm grip while taking pictures and videos of the sharks underwater.

Safety Precautions:

  • All our Shark Diving trips are strictly weather permitting. You will be contacted the day before your trip for confirmation regarding weather conditions.
  • Before your trip, you will receive a safety introduction briefing
  • You will not be allowed to touch, feed or scare the sharks
  • You will be required to wear an inflatable life jacket while the boat is moving
  • You will be required to move slowly into the cage, no jumping is allowed.

Marine Wildlife Conservation

We have been part of many Marine Wildlife Conservation projects, and are committed to protecting and conserving the marine wildlife in South Africa. We do our best to ensure the safety of sharks and other sea creatures during our trips. We invite all children to join us on the boat whether they are old enough to shark dive or not. We believe that it is important to educate children and shark divers on how to protect the marine wildlife. Come join us on one of our trips to educate yourself on Great Whites Sharks in their natural habitats.

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